Tools / Supplies Needed

Tools & Supplies

Procreate App - Please note that Procreate is not available for Android. If you want to use Procreate, you will need an Apple iPad or an Apple iPhone. For landscape designers, I strongly recommend the Apple iPad so you have a larger surface to sketch on and full functionality of Procreate’s features. But, the iPhone app is a great addition if you want to be able to use the Procreate app on the go.

Procreate App for iPad (Apple Store Link)

Procreate Pocket App for iPhone (Apple Store Link | Compare with Procreate)

Apple iPad - There are many iPads to choose from and new versions are always coming out. Landscape designers should consider the size of the iPad and it’s portability. If you plan to store Procreate drawings directly on the iPad, you should purchase the largest hard drive possible. You should have a system for storing your Procreate files safely on cloud storage or a system for regularly backing up your Procreate files.  


iPad Pro

iPad Air

iPad Mini

Stylus / Apple Pencil  - There are different styluses available for the iPad. 

I recommend the Apple Pencil. The model of the Apple Pencil you purchase is determined by its compatibility with your iPad model. It’s not a choice. You need to pick the one that works with your iPad. Here’s a list of iPads & their compatibility with the Apple Pencil.

First Generation Apple Pencil (what I use)

Second Generation Apple Pencil

You can still follow along with tutorials using a stylus other than Apple Pencil. However, some of the functionality available through Procreate will not work on any stylus other than the Apple Pencil. 

The Apple Pencil is compatible with Procreate for iPad and cannot be used with Procreate Pocket for iPhone (at the time of writing this document).

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